About Us

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NotTV is a provider like no other. We are not a film studio, nor are we a music company. NotTV is a collective of professionals engaged in film and music. Back in 2004, NotTV was founded by Michael Sims Surrey in British Columbia.

Originally, NotTV started as a blog that talks about independent film and music here in Canada. Michael sheds the spotlight on film and music releases he believed didn’t get the recognition they deserve due to the landscape of distribution.

At first, NotTV only had 350 readers across the city and now, it has more 200,000 readers across the country.

The Mission

NotTV is all about educating and encouraging aspiring film and music producers to pursue the craft they want. It is no secret that many people don’t see any career paths in these fields. That is what we want to debunk. It is a long road in these industries, but it will be worth it once you get there.

NotTV is ready to educate, train, and enlighten people about independent film and independent music. We cover everything starting from ideas to execution to production to their distribution.

There is a fine line of differences between what you see in the mainstream and the ones you don’t. However, we are happy that independent productions are getting more recognition these days from the public, critics, and artists.

That is what we are all about and more. Micheal’s passion for film and music brought NotTV to where it is today. What started as a simple blog is now an online platform for a global community that loves film and music.

So, the first step for you is to subscribe to our blog today.